Holiday Hi-Jinks



60 min

Time Limit


/ Adult Player

Beaver Valley Mall Monaca Pennsylvania 15061 United States


It is Christmas eve and Mrs. Claus is at her wits end. Her annual dinner party for Santa and friends is going to start in 60 minutes and that pesky little elf, Zippy Hovington, is at it again. This time he locked up all of her holiday trinkets and novelties. He put them in the most random places and for some reason, Mrs. Claus just can’t seem to get her things to open the normal way. She calls you and your wittiest group of friends to come over to help solve that sneaky little elf's puzzles and games. Try to find her possessions and put them back where they belong so her house is in tip top shape before the guests arrive. Start by solving all the puzzles and tasks. Your goal is to move Zippy to the door before anything else goes awry! However, you cannot physically touch him. If you do so, he will lose his magical powers. Therefore, results in you losing time to finish his games. Can you and your friends get him to the door before the party begins? Please help Mrs. Claus by saving her Christmas party before Santa must leave on his annual flight around the world.


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