Haunted Manor-Intermediate



60 min

Time Limit


/ Adult Player

Beaver Valley Mall Monaca Pennsylvania 15061 United States


The mansion at the edge of town, you remember it as a child. Even when you were young, you knew there was something not right about it. People always said they could feel it looking down on them as they walked past. Calling to them even though no one had lived there for years. As you got older you started to pay attention to the stories about the property. The ominous tales about how it's haunted. You and your friends began pouring over years of documents and research. Uncovering case after case of missing people that are all seemingly connected to the mansion. You learn about the dark history of the original resident and his pact with a dark spirit. The name of which has been lost in time. Your team is ready to put this mystery to rest for the good of the town. Work quickly to find the demons name and break the curse or your soul will be lost forever.


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